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Download Ooredoo Config

Every month, we keep updating this article with the latest working Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet settings which you can easily find in the Ha Tunnel Plus config file download section. We keep refreshing these Ha tunnel files with the new CDN hosts, SNI hosts, and other forms of bug hosts.

Download ooredoo config


Creating a working Ha Tunnel VPN configuration isn't difficult as you may have thought. It's easy! And trust us, we have written a well-detailed tutorial that will guide you on how to create or configure your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN to give you an unlimited Internet connection.

These free Ha Tunnel configuration files fall under two categories: Ha Tunnel and Techoe. The Ha Tunnel category contains files sourced from Ha Tunnel admin, while Techfoe is those we made. However, ensure to check for your country's free Internet trick files under "Ha Tunnel" and "Techfoe" because they might appear twice. An example of tricks appearing is that of South African users, Nigeria, Myanmar, and many others.

Latest HA tunnel plus config files Free download: For those who use Cell C, Vodafone, Telkom, and the other networks listed below, such as those from Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya Quickly download links listed below.

I have found the source code for the tool aescrypt2_huawei that is provided and a walk-through provided on a blog called TheZedt. It seems the Huawei uses the same configuration encryption key hex:13395537D2730554A176799F6D56A239 on all of its devices and the only thing special about the binary version of the tool is the fact it adds an 8-byte header to the file. You can see the source code link for a more detailed explanation.

There is a way to get admin access. Login to web interface as root/admin. Download existing configuration (System tools -> Configuration file and click on Download configuration file). Open downloaded file with text editor. It depends on you firmware version whether configuration file will be encrypted or not. If your text editor shows XML data then just search for root or X_HW_WebUserInfo and modify existing records or add a new one.

You can change the password for telecomadmin that is the default admin account for Huawei HG8245 by updating the routers configuration file. You can even make the root account an administrator account and even add new ones.

OpenVPN Access Server is compatible with most VPN clients that use the OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN provides a free VPN client, OpenVPN Connect, to easily connect with your VPN server. Each implementation of Access Server also provides a Client UI, from which users can download pre-configured OpenVPN Connect apps and configuration files.

TLS tunnel free unlimited vpn 5.0.7-360 supports import and export configuration file as on http injector vpn ehi file, the tls tunnel config file will have an extension .tls which encrypted when the file is configured. You can export and import an external .tls config file, you can check NapsternetV configuration files to have an idea.

If you know how to create config file it is ok, if not you can use an already created TLS tunnel configuration file by other users, you can get such files on social media and telegram groups or channels, but almost files shared by other users may be locked and there is no way to unlock this config file.

We have shared tls tunnel mtn files download link below and Flow configuration file for learning purpose but now it is expired and we removed it since it is a tls tunnel config 2020 file created months ago. We may create another one soon with latest working HOST and port to support and work on MTN and flow.

If you have your own working host and on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) MTN, Glo, Flow or other, you can create tls tunnel payload with Pay Generator option or function to create tls tunnel config file and in case you do not know how to create tls tunnel files you can follow this simple method.

Here is simple method you can use to connect TLS Tunnel on your device to browse unlimited free internet using this vpn. you need TLS Tunnel free unlimited VPN and the latest tls tunnel dnstt plugin to connect with already created tls tunnel config file.

It sounds like you are trying to create an HA pair, rather than restore a UCS from one platform on another. So check into the Device Cluster configuration details for 11.2 and see if that fits your requirements.

I'm going to recommend that you switch gears completely, and try using the Single Configuration File. The SCF only cares about the big-ip networking and load balancing objects. This will probably be easier than trying to override the UCS code to force a config load on a different box.

Fortinet has published a very nice and helpful tool for converting firewall configs from other vendors into a Fortigate configuration file. Also an old Fortigate config file can be used as the source file.

Once the migration is completed you can download the resulting config file. If you are working with the trial version of FortiConverter you cannot run through any fine tuning steps of the resulting config (renaming firewall objects, syntax checks on object names, etc.), but the basic migration is done anyway. In newer versions of FortiConverter, even the download of the migrated configuration is not possible anymore.

Addendum: we have to mention that when converting the configs with the FortiConverter still errors can occur. So please check the new configuration before or during import. For example you can test the new config after the restore with following CLI command: diag debug config-error-log read.Right after the reboot the output indicates which configuration parts were not understood by Fortigate and were therefore ignored.

FortiConverter Service helps you migrate configurations to the latest version of FortiOS. This service is useful for migrating a pre-existing third-party firewall policy to a new FortiGate appliance, or even an older FortiGate policy to a new one.

This document describes how to configure the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) for the use of the static route tracking feature in order to enable the device to use redundant or backup Internet connections.

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.

Static route tracking allows the ASA to use an inexpensive connection to a secondary ISP in the event that the primary leased line becomes unavailable. In order to achieve this redundancy, the ASA associates a static route with a monitoring target that you define. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) operation monitors the target with periodic ICMP echo requests. If an echo reply is not received, then the object is considered down, and the associated route is removed from the routing table. A previously configured backup route is used in place of the route that is removed. While the backup route is in use, the SLA monitor operation continues its attempts to reach the monitoring target. Once the target is available again, the first route is replaced in the routing table, and the backup route is removed.

The ASA is configured with a static route that directs all of the Internet traffic to the primary ISP. Every ten seconds, the SLA monitor process checks in order to confirm that the primary ISP gateway is reachable. If the SLA monitor process determines that the primary ISP gateway is not reachable, the static route that directs traffic to that interface is removed from the routing table. In order to replace that static route, an alternate static route that directs traffic to the secondary ISP is installed. This alternate static route directs traffic to the secondary ISP through the DSL modem until the link to the primary ISP is reachable.

This configuration provides a relatively inexpensive way to ensure that outbound Internet access remains available to users behind the ASA. As described in this document, this setup might not be suitable for inbound access to resources behind the ASA. Advanced networking skills are required in order to achieve seamless inbound connections. These skills are not covered in this document.

Before you attempt the configuration that is described in this document, you must choose a monitoring target that can respond to Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo requests. The target can be any network object that you choose, but a target that is closely tied to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) connection is recommended. Here are some possible monitoring targets:

If you choose a monitoring target that is farther away than the ISP gateway, another link along that route might fail or another device might interfere. This configuration might cause the SLA monitor to conclude that the connection to the primary ISP has failed and cause the ASA to unnecessarily fail over to the secondary ISP link.

In this example, the primary ISP gateway that is used as the monitoring target is managed by the ISP and is located on the other side of the ISP link. This configuration ensures that if the ICMP echoes that are sent by the monitoring operation fail, the ISP link is almost surely down.

Instead of configuring the Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists on each Outlook 2013 client that you use, you can configure the Safe senders and Blocked senders lists on

The following mail considered as spam (flase positive) by Exchange Edge server 2013 and moved to spam quarantine mailbox specified in the contentfilter config. While analyzing the header I didn't see any thing wrong with the sender. Any ideas?Thanks in advance

Ericsson noted that its self-organizing networks solution includes self-optimizationfeatures such as coverage capacity optimization and load balance and automatic neighbor relation handling. Self-healing functions are also being developed to automatically compensate for cell outages by adjusting the neighboring cells to find the optimal configuration. 041b061a72


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