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Jamal Matveyev

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now all you need to do is find a place to store your beer and a cold place to store your beer. it doesnt get better than that. the last thing you want to do is open the bottle, pour the beer into a glass, and sit on a hot summer day in your living room drinking that cold beer.

Lan Spy Monitor 4 1 Crack Beer


here are some of the best places to store and enjoy your beer. use them well and youll find the best experience ever. if you put your beer in a refrigerator or a cool place, the beer will stay cold. in that case, you can store your beer in the refrigerator and enjoy it at your leisure. when the ice melts in the water and the ice cubes fall out, your beer will be even colder.

if you live in a warmer climate, you can use a cellar or a garage to store your beer. if you need to go out, be sure to take your beer with you and stash it in your trunk or a cooler. you can even buy a small cooler to carry your beer in.

now that you have your beer storage area all set up, its time to store your beer in a cool place. what youre looking for is a place that is cold enough to keep the beer cold, but not so cold that youll get a cold.

also, if youd like to put some ice in your beer, you shouldnt put ice in your beer. if the beer is too cold, it will fall over. but if its too warm, it will fall over. so you should put the ice in after your beer is cold.

over-chilling is the practice of chilling a beer too much. beer has two phases, one is the cold that the beer is exposed to after being brewed and then the cold that it is exposed to after being purchased. once a beer is purchased it is instantly exposed to the ambient air in the refrigerator which causes it to warm to the same temperature as the fridge. this is what is referred to as "body shock". it is best to let a beer warm up in the fridge for 30 minutes or more before serving it to ensure that the co2 in the beer will come back to the proper level.


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