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The most common texture out there is our jelly slime. Easy to play with, and full of ASMR sounds. From pops to snaps and even glugs you can create a lot of different sounds with this slime. Pull it apart, braid it back together and snap it together to hear some unique sounds that are sure to put you in a trance. See for yourself why people enjoy the stress-relieving sounds of our jelly slimes.

asmr jelly

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2018 ASMR Collection.A lip tint with a jelly-like texture that adds a touch of vibrancy to your lips.Long-wearing that stays on throughout the day.Enriched with Manuka honey and sugar maple syrup extract top nourish and moisturize your lips.Color Information:- #01 Red Strawberry: vivid red- #02 Sheer Pink: peach pink- #03 Calm Coral: coral MLBB- #04 Brick Fig: brick red- #05 Pink Prune: purple pinkHow to use:Apply from the center of your lips and spread out evenly.About brand: periperaEstablished in 2006, peripera appeals to young, independent women with makeup collections emphasizing bright lip, eye and nail colors complemented by equally color-saturated and youthful packaging. The Korean makeup brand is most famous for its lip tints, which include the Ink The Velvet, Ink Airy Velvet, Ink Mood Matte Tint, Ink Mood Drop Tint, Ink The Tattoo and Ink Tint Serum, as well as lipsticks such as the Ink Airy Velvet Stick and Ink Mood Matte Stick. peripera also boasts a remarkable collection of base makeup products such as the Milk Blur Tone Up Cream, Oil Capture Cover Pact, Double Longwear Cover Cushion and Cover Concealer, and Ink V Shading and Highlighter. YesStyle is an authorized retailer of peripera. 97.6% 6338YesStyle is an authorized retailer of peripera.

In the world of Genshin Impact, Mint Jelly has a few more benefits than just being a refreshing dessert. In the game, Mint Jelly can be cooked by players with the use of a recipe. Depending on the quality of the jelly, when it's consumed it can provide players with HP restoration as well as giving them additional HP.


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