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Jamal Matveyev

ReportBuilder 19.03 Enterprise For Delphi 10.3 Rio !!HOT!! Full Source

A project must be configured and saved in a designer compatible format for the ReportBuilder report builder to function as expected. This means:

ReportBuilder 19.03 Enterprise for Delphi 10.3 Rio Full Source

  • All libraries must be registered for the report builder to function. The BBRegApp sample application is a good example to use.

  • Each file that is added to your project must be saved in the correct format.

  • The code in each file that is added to your project must be properly compiled.

All versions of ReportBuilder are compiled with 32- and 64-bit compatibility. The 32-bit editions include the components located in the BCB and DBRBCB folders (also known as bootstrap components and stand-alone components), and the 64-bit editions include the components located in the BCBx64, DBRBCBx64, and DBRRBCB folders. A bootstrap component is used by a unit to instantiate the component. A stand-alone component is used by the application or controls library. It should be noted that the BCB and DBRBCB files are simply renamed extensions to their equivalent bootstrap and stand-alone component name. The BCB and DBRBCB files contain the source code of the corresponding bootstrap component. The DBRBCB files are loaded in each executable by using the DoLoad() function.

ReportBuilder can be used in any Delphi or C++ Builder project. It can also be used as a FireDac component. Just remember to place the required DLL inside the same directory as your project. ReportBuilders native command window handles the error messages sent from the component. It is necessary to quit the command window when the report is completed. ReportBuilder does not use the standard Windows toolbars as it needs all the space available for the report. To view or edit the report, you need to select one of the command line options.


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