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8 Ball Pool bitAIM+ APK: The Secret to Becoming a Pool Master

What is 8 ball pool bitaim apk?

If you are a fan of pool games, you might have heard of or played 8 ball pool, one of the most popular and addictive online multiplayer games on Android. 8 ball pool is a game where you can compete with players from all over the world in various modes and tournaments, using your skills and strategies to pocket balls and win coins and rewards. But what if you want to have an edge over your opponents and improve your game performance? That's where 8 ball pool bitaim apk comes in.

8 ball pool bitaim apk

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8 ball pool bitaim apk is a modded version of 8 ball pool that allows you to hack the aim of your striker and hit the pieces with perfect accuracy. With 8 ball pool bitaim apk, you can win every match and earn more coins and gems. But is 8 ball pool bitaim apk safe and legal to use? How can you download and install it on your device? And what are its features and benefits? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more, so keep reading.

How to play 8 ball pool?

Before we dive into the details of 8 ball pool bitaim apk, let's first review the basics of how to play 8 ball pool. 8 ball pool is a game played with a cue ball and fifteen object balls, numbered 1 through 15. Balls 17 are solid colors and commonly referred to as low balls, and balls 915 are striped and commonly referred to as high balls. One player must pocket balls of solid colors, while the other player must pocket the striped balls. The player who pockets their entire group and then legally pockets the 8-ball wins the game.

To start the game, one player must break the rack by hitting the cue ball into the triangle of object balls. For the break shot to be legal, the breaker must either pocket a number ball or drive at least four number balls to one or more rails. No ball is called, and the cue ball is not required to hit any particular object ball first. If the breaker fails to make a legal break, the opponent can choose to break again or accept the table as it is.

After a legal break, if any object ball is pocketed, then that determines whether that player has solids or stripes for that game. If no object ball is pocketed on a legal break or if both a solid and a stripe are pocketed on a legal break then it is an open table until one player pockets either a solid or stripe on their turn. Once solids or stripes have been determined for each player then they must continue shooting at their designated group until they have cleared their group from the table.

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A player's turn continues until they fail to pocket one of their group or commit a foul. A foul occurs when the player fails to hit any ball with the cue ball, hits the wrong group of balls first, pockets the cue ball, pockets the 8-ball before clearing their group, pockets the 8-ball in the wrong pocket, or drives any ball off the table. If a player commits a foul, their opponent gets ball in hand, meaning they can place the cue ball anywhere on the table for their next shot.

The game ends when one player legally pockets the 8-ball in a designated pocket after clearing their group. The player must call the pocket for the 8-ball before shooting. If the player pockets the 8-ball in an uncalled pocket, or pockets the 8-ball and the cue ball on the same shot, they lose the game.

How to download and install bitaim apk?

Now that you know how to play 8 ball pool, you might be wondering how to get bitaim apk on your device. Bitaim apk is not available on the official Google Play Store, so you will need to download it from a third-party source. Here are the steps and requirements for downloading and installing bitaim apk:

  • Make sure your device has enough storage space and meets the minimum system requirements for running 8 ball pool. The game requires Android 4.4 or higher and at least 1 GB of RAM.

  • Enable unknown sources on your device settings. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

  • Download bitaim apk from a reliable and trusted website. You can search for bitaim apk on Google or use this link: ( Be careful not to download any fake or malicious files that might harm your device.

  • Locate the downloaded file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen and grant the necessary permissions for the app to run.

  • Launch 8 ball pool bitaim apk and enjoy playing with unlimited aim and accuracy.

What are the features of bitaim apk?

Bitaim apk is a modded version of 8 ball pool that offers many features and benefits that can enhance your gaming experience and make you a better player. Here are some of the features of bitaim apk:

  • AI assistance: Bitaim apk uses artificial intelligence to help you aim and shoot with precision. It shows you the trajectory and angle of your shots, as well as the best possible pocket for each ball. You can also adjust the sensitivity and speed of your aim according to your preference.

  • Shots recording: Bitaim apk allows you to record your shots and replay them later. You can use this feature to analyze your mistakes and improve your skills. You can also share your shots with your friends and challenge them to beat your score.

  • No ads: Bitaim apk removes all the annoying ads that interrupt your gameplay and distract you from your focus. You can play without any interruptions and enjoy a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

  • No root required: Bitaim apk does not require root access to work on your device. You can use it without any risk of damaging your device or voiding its warranty.

  • Free updates: Bitaim apk provides free updates for its users, ensuring that they always have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

How to use bitaim apk?

Using bitaim apk is very easy and simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Launch 8 ball pool bitaim apk on your device and log in with your account or create a new one.

  • Select a game mode or tournament that you want to play and join a match.

  • When it is your turn to shoot, you will see a green line showing you the direction and angle of your shot. You can also see a yellow circle indicating the best pocket for each ball.

  • To adjust your aim, swipe left or right on the screen. To adjust your power, swipe up or down on the screen.

  • To shoot, tap on the screen when you are ready.

  • Enjoy winning every match with perfect accuracy and skill.

How to activate indirect or premium shots?

Bitaim apk also offers indirect or premium shots, which are more advanced and challenging shots that require more skill and strategy. Indirect shots are shots that involve hitting one or more rails before pocketing a ball. Premium shots are shots that involve using spin, curve, or jump to pocket a ball. To activate indirect or premium shots, you need to pay a certain amount of coins or gems, depending on the level of difficulty and reward. Here is a table showing the cost and benefit of each type of shot: Type of shot Cost Benefit --- --- --- Indirect shot 50 coins or 5 gems Double the coins or gems you win Premium shot 100 coins or 10 gems Triple the coins or gems you win To activate indirect or premium shots, you need to tap on the icon that appears on the top right corner of the screen before shooting. You can choose between coins or gems as the payment method. Once you activate the shot, you will see a blue line showing you the trajectory and angle of your shot, as well as a red circle indicating the spin, curve, or jump effect. You can adjust your shot as usual and then shoot when you are ready. How to use bitaim apk with Lulubox?

Lulubox is another popular app that can enhance your gaming experience by providing you with various features and hacks for different games. Lulubox is compatible with 8 ball pool bitaim apk, and you can use them together to get more benefits and advantages. Here are some of the features that Lulubox can offer for 8 b


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