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Artemy Bobylev
Artemy Bobylev

Odessa Beach Cabin 148

The beaches of Port Royal are a huge draw for homeowners lucky enough to call this community home. In fact, short-term rentals in the plantation are prohibited. Graves Construction Company works hard to ensure to maintain the natural beauty and charm of the area while delivering homeowners their dream homes; inside and out.

Odessa Beach Cabin 148

Smallwood is known for its early-20th century style log cabins and camps constructed by immigrants in the 1930s. A unique feature of the community is that the original home construction materials were locally sourced: Smallwood cabins were constructed of wood lumbered and milled on site, and the distinctive stone fireplaces found in most cabins were built of limestone quarried in Smallwood in the 1920s to 1950s. Most of these historic cabin structures survive as both summer and year-round residences.

Smallwood residents have access to Mountain Lake, located in the center of the community, as well as to a beach and community lodge, operated by the Smallwood Civic Association. Minnie Falls is a popular water fall and park operated by the Town of Bethel, and is part of White Lake Brook, which runs through the center of Smallwood. The Club at Smallwood, also located in the community, has a heated pool and recreational activities in summer months. Both the Civic Association and Club at Smallwood are open to dues-paying residents. Smallwood residents also have access to the adjacent Toronto Reservoir, which is located at the end of Pine Grove Road, and which has a public motor-boat launch for fishing and other boating activities.


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