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HASP Dongle Cracking Made Easy with HASPHL2010 Dumper and MultiKey Emulator

How to Crack HASP Dongle with HASPHL2010 Dumper

If you are looking for a way to crack HASP dongle and run your software without the physical device, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you how to use a tool called HASPHL2010 dumper and another tool called MultiKey emulator to crack any HASP dongle and emulate it on your computer. This method is easy, fast, and reliable, and it works on Windows 7 64 bit. By following this guide, you will be able to enjoy your software without worrying about losing or damaging your dongle. What is HASP Dongle and Why You Need to Crack It

HASP dongle is a hardware device that plugs into a USB port or a parallel port of your computer. It is used for software protection by many software vendors. It contains a unique ID and a secret code that are required for running the software. Without the dongle, the software will not work or will run in a limited mode. Some examples of software that use HASP dongle are Strand7, Mastercam, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. These are expensive and professional software that are often used for engineering, design, graphics, or other purposes. You may need to crack HASP dongle for various reasons. For example, you may want to use your software on multiple computers without buying multiple dongles. You may also want to backup your dongle in case it gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Or you may simply want to save the hassle of plugging and unplugging your dongle every time you use your software. However, cracking HASP dongle is not an easy task. You cannot just copy the dongle or use a generic emulator. You need to dump the key and the secret code from the dongle and create a registry file that matches your dongle. Then you need to use a specific emulator that can read the registry file and emulate the dongle on your computer. What is HASPHL2010 Dumper and How It Works

HASPHL2010 dumper is a tool that can dump HASP key and create registry file from any HASP dongle. It is developed by a team of hackers called Team ZWT. It supports all types of HASP dongles, including HASP HL, HASP SRM, HASP 4, and HASP 3. It also supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 64 bit. Some features and advantages of HASPHL2010 dumper are: - It can dump HASP key and create registry file in a few minutes - It can dump HASP key and create registry file without damaging or modifying the dongle - It can dump HASP key and create registry file without installing any driver or software on your computer - It can dump HASP key and create registry file without requiring any password or activation code - It can dump HASP key and create registry file that are compatible with MultiKey emulator HASPHL2010 dumper works with MultiKey emulator to emulate HASP dongle on your computer. MultiKey emulator is another tool developed by Team ZWT. It is a kernel mode driver that can emulate any HASP dongle using the registry file created by HASPHL2010 dumper. It can also emulate multiple dongles at the same time. The basic steps of cracking HASP dongle with HASPHL2010 dumper and MultiKey emulator are: - Download and install HASPHL2010 dumper on your computer - Get dongle password with HASPHL2010 dumper - Create registry file with HASPHL2010 dumper - Download and install MultiKey emulator on your computer - Use MultiKey emulator with the registry file created by HASPHL2010 dumper - Test and run your software without HASP dongle In the following sections, I will explain each step in detail and provide some screenshots to help you follow along. How to Download and Install HASPHL2010 Dumper

To download and install HASPHL2010 dumper on your computer, follow these steps: - Go to this link and download the zip file named "". - Extract the zip file to a folder on your desktop or any location you prefer. - Open the folder and double-click on the file named "hasphl2010.exe" to run the program. - You will see a window like this: ![hasphl2010 window] - Click on "Install Driver" button to install the driver for HASPHL2010 dumper. You may need to restart your computer after the installation. - After restarting your computer, run the program again and click on "Start Service" button to start the service for HASPHL2010 dumper. - You have successfully installed HASPHL2010 dumper on your computer. How to Get Dongle Password with HASPHL2010 Dumper

To get dongle password with HASPHL2010 dumper, follow these steps: - Plug your HASP dongle into a USB port or a parallel port of your computer. - Run the program again and click on "Refresh" button to refresh the list of devices. - You will see your dongle listed under "HASP Devices" section. It will show the type, ID, version, memory size, and password of your dongle. For example: ![hasphl2010 device] - Write down or copy the password of your dongle. You will need it later for creating the registry file. - You have successfully got dongle password with HASPHL2010 dumper.

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