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Buy Petstages Cat Toys

Petsy Tip: Rotate the toys that your cat plays with to keep your cat busy and entertained. Your cat's collection of toys becomes a fresh source of experiences as old toys are reintroduced.

buy petstages cat toys

As kittens matures, the intensity of play drops off. But even adult cats enjoy play throughout their life. Cats who play with dangerous objects like electrical wires could hurt themselves. Providing cats with safe toys, like the Petstages Tower of Tracks cat toy, lets them indulge in normal cat behaviors without risking your ankles, property or pet injury.

The design entices some cats to paw-reach inside the center opening. If your cat likes these fishing games, you can drop a wad of tinfoil or a cotton ball inside. Most other cat track toys offer a slit opening on the top side of the track. This one situates the paw-access in a horizontal opening around the track, attractive to many cats who like to recline on their side to bat the ball.

Put the Petstages cat toy away, out of sight, and bring it out as a fresh fun game on an intermittent schedule. Cats tire of the same-old-same-old, so rotating cat toys can keep them fresh and fun for your cat.

While there's no definitive explanation for why many cats habitually drop their toys in their water bowls, feline behavior researchers have a few theories. According to experts consulted by pet retailer Chewy, the most likely explanation is that cats bring their toys, or "prey," back to the place they consider their territory, which is most likely to be where they eat and drink. After the first time accidentally dropping a toy into their water bowl, your cat may have found the activity stimulating. Or they could see their bowl as a good place to store their prey for later. Ultimately, we don't know for sure why cats put toys in water, but it does seem to be a natural extension of a cat's hunting and territorial behaviors. 041b061a72


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