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Riekes Liebe English Subtitles

Riekes Liebe English Subtitles

Riekes Liebe (2001) is a German drama film directed by Kilian Riedhof and starring Laura Charlotte Syniawa, Florian Stetter, and Leonard Lansink. The film tells the story of Rieke, a young figure skater who becomes jealous when her brother, also a figure skater, falls in love with another female skater. She tries to sabotage their relationship and ends up in a complicated situation with her brother's rival.

The film was well received by critics and audiences, who praised the performances of the actors, the realistic portrayal of the figure skating world, and the emotional depth of the story. The film won several awards, including the Adolf Grimme Award, the German Television Award, and the Bavarian Television Award.


However, the film is not widely available in English-speaking countries, and there are no official English subtitles for it. Some fans have created fan-made subtitles for the film, which can be downloaded from various websites. However, these subtitles may not be accurate or complete, and they may not match the video quality or format of the film. Therefore, it is recommended to watch the film with a basic understanding of German, or with a friend who can translate for you.

If you are interested in watching Riekes Liebe (2001) with English subtitles, you can try to find a copy of the film online or on DVD, and then download one of the fan-made subtitles from these websites:

  • [df: Marco Siddique: Riekes Liebe English Subtitles]

  • [How to Watch Riekes Liebe (2001) with English Subtitles]

Alternatively, you can watch the film on YouTube with auto-generated subtitles, which may not be very accurate but can give you a general idea of what is happening. You can find the film on YouTube here:

  • [Riekes Liebe (2001) - YouTube]

We hope you enjoy watching Riekes Liebe (2001) with English subtitles!


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